Join us on Friday, August 25th at Handlebar Whistler to celebrate the launch of San Diego's Alemsith Brewing.

•Meet Head Brewer Ryan Crisp
•Enjoy 12 beers on tap, including rare and one-offs
•Giveaways all night

About Alesmith Brewing:
A trailblazer on the San Diego beer scene since 1995, Alesmith has successfully cultivate a craft beer following with craft enthusiasts and novices alke. Alesmith's artistic and eclectic team's passion for creativity and innovation has allowed them to produce an extensive lineup of heavy hitters - most ranking 99 to 100 points on and garnering over 100 national and international awards. A top "100 Brewery in the World" since 2012, Alesmith's continued growth hasn't affected the outstanding beers they produce. Their attention to detail and consistency still brings people to que in line for their latest release.