There’s no shortage of beer in New York City, but some of the best brews come straight from Italy! Eataly offers an extensive selection of delicious, authentic Italian beers that you can’t find anywhere else, and during the hot summer months, there’s nothing better than a cold, frosty glass of great beer. Join Beer Expert Ethan Fixell as he discusses the brewing process, the unique qualities of Italian beer, beer tasting techniques, and more! In this crash course, let Ethan take your taste buds on a journey through the world of Italian beers and breweries. In this class, guests will:

  • Listen as Ethan discusses the brewing process and how to properly taste Italian beers
  • Explore the basics of brewing and beer production
  • Taste 4 authentically Italian beers
  • Take home tasting notes for each beer

Class duration is approximate and may vary by 10-15 minutes. Seating is first-come first-served. All guests planning to consume alcohol must be able to produce a valid government-issued identification to prove they are 21 or older.