Join Banded Peak Brewing, Annex Ale Project, High Line Brewing, Cold Garden Beverage Company and Village Brewery for the Barley Belt Tap Tour. A day of beer drinking exploration in the industrial areas of Manchester, Highfield, and Inglewood.

Village Brewery
Annex Ale Project
Banded Peak Brewing
Cold Garden Beverage Company
High Line Brewing

Any brewery

Any brewery, buses to head downtown after 6PM

Free Admission. Pre-purchase your beer passport for $25 at any participating brewery from now until the end of the tour. 

Chartered buses between each brewery, bike, walk, run, fly

Admission and transportation is free for the day, with live music and hoopla at each brewery. Calgary Brewery Tours will be shuttling patrons between breweries every 15-20 minutes or you are free to bike/walk the tour on your own. 

Grab your beer passport, which allows you 1 pint at each of the five breweries along the Barley Belt. Fill out the passport at each stop and gain major bragging rights for completing the tour. Passports available at each participating brewery now!

We've partnered with United Way and will be raising funds for their organization by donating $1.00 from every beer ticket sale and $5.00 from every beer passport sale. 

Grab your drinking buddies and experience the Barley Belt, Calgary's premier South East brewing district.