Beau's Oktoberfest was conceived more than a decade ago, for the sake of goodwill and goodwill in our communities. Held in the tiny village of Vankleek Hill, Ontario, it is the annual signature fundraising event for Beau's Brewing Co., and it has created more than $ 710,000 of benefits for charities and community groups since our first year in 2009.

This outdoor festival tips to the Bavarian culture that inspires our brewing traditions at Beau's. We celebrate and support our national talent with live music on two stages from independent Canadian artists. A bevvy of restaurants serving fresh and local fare make this a foodie-event not to be missed. Beer learning, fun activities, an uber-chill skateboarding demo area, a Kinderfest for children and so much more truly make-a-choose-your-Beau's-adventure weekend. Ample giant tents make sure you have a great time rain or shine.

Did we mention the beer? Beau's and Halcyon beers together at last, with service at eight bars throughout the festival grounds. Count on a few festival-exclusive surprise beers to pop up too. But wait, there's more! Craft Haus is a mini-beer-festival within a festival, where we tap more than 50 rare gold exclusive beers from other Canadian craft breweries we know and love. To make sure our guests can enjoy themselves responsibly, we offer you camping and bus transportation from Ottawa, Montreal and Cornwall.