Ever wanted to know more about beer but were too intimidated to ask? Don’t know the difference between a Saison and a Stout, but not sure to whom you should turn? Are you a connoisseur of craft beer, but are always looking to learn more about what goes into giving beer its multitude of different aromas, flavors, and colors? Then look no further, we’ve got the event for you!

Come learn from Kevin, our Head Brewer and nationally-ranked beer judge, and sample EIGHT beers, as he gives an overview of the ingredients that provide beers their unique characteristics, discusses what defines various brewing cultures and centers around the world, and highlights numerous beer styles and what makes them similar and different from one another. Throughout the discussion, you’ll gain an appreciation for why you may like certain beers, while understanding why you may not enjoy others quite so much. You’ll also enjoy a tour of our brewery and an overview of the complete Ferment.Drink.Repeat brewing process.

The knowledge you’ll gain in our Beer Appreciation 101 Class will help you make better-informed beer style selections in the future when out and about with friends, or when deciding what six-pack to grab at the market. Great activity for groups - book now!

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