1 hour barre class in the tap room (we use the bar as the barre!), followed by a pint of beer! #BeerBarre

  • Must be 21+ to participate.
  • Limited to 18 participants so sign up ASAP!
  • Bring your own Yoga Mat & a water bottle! Note: The floor of the tap room is cement, so if you like a little more cushion: bring a thicker mat, stack 2 mats, or add a blanket on top :)
  • Bring post-workout snacks or pre-order your lunch (pay at brewery after class)
  • Optional: If you own small hand weights (1, 2, 3 lbs), you can bring those along if you want. But not required!

Schedule for Beer Barre at Lucky Envelope

  • Doors Open @ 10am -- Please come on time to set up!
  • Class Starts @ 10:15am
  • Class Ends @ 11:15am and then we beer!


What does my Beer Barre ticket include?

- 1 hour barre class: The tap room is cleared of chairs and we set up our yoga mats next to the bar. The class is a combination of floor exercises on the mat, and strength exercises (like squats) using the bar for balance.
- 1 post-class beer (unless you buy the Just Barre ticket): Your first beer is on us! We put away our mats and hang out while we drink delicious beer!

Wait, but what is Barre?

Oh! Barre is a rhythmic and fun fusion of pilates, yoga, high intensity training, and ballet (thus the barre). It's like 2 hours at the gym squeezed into 1 hour, with super fun music pumping you up and inspiring you to keep pushing, dipping, lifting, squeezing, dancing. It's really, really fun and an amazing workout! And at least this one ends with a beer! Come down on October 28th th to join us. :)