Beer Talks is back! Our Ted-Talks inspired educational event, Beer Talks pairs world-class ales and lagers with speakers on a variety of beer topics. Investigating the intersection of beer, brewing, technical process, and the community of people who brew and drink beer, we’ll explore the science and culture of craft beer.


  • Dr Charlie Bamforth – Distinguished Professor, Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting & Brewing Sciences at UC Davis “Who cares what beer looks like in the glass?”
  • Jeffers Richardson – Director of the Firestone Walker Barrelworks. “Jeffers Drops Acid Knowledge – The Short Trip”
  • Collin McDonnell, CEO Henhouse Brewing, “Take responsibility for your beer”
  • Averie Swanson, Jester King Head Brewer
  • Michael Kiser – Good Beer Hunting, “Beer Marketing: Making a splash vs. making a wave”
  • Andrew Schwartz –  Modern Times “A  Spirited Defense of Hazy IPA”
  • And: Brewers Reading 1-star Untappd Reviews