Autumn and the fall are seasons of change, as summer ends, and new beginnings and routines with back to school. The change in season also brings cooler weather, the darker days and rain! o carry us through this time of change, join us for a grounding practice focusing on clearing our minds, focusing on our breath, and finding our inner strength and grounding.

Amber beers are flavoured with malt. Malt is rich in Vitamin B, which helps the body metabolize carbs, protein, and fat into energy. Energize your body and clear your mind with a series of grounding asanas! 

Asanas | Grounding | Strength | Peace | Transition | Energy

Tickets are $20 and include 60-minute yoga class and a 16oz beer! Space is very limited so email or call the Tasting Room at 604-343-2337 Ext. 1 to reserve your spot!

BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat)