Its time again for our annual Big Brew. This is a great way to get your hand on fresh local wort (pre fermented beer) so that you can make your own beer at home, all you have to do is add yeast once you get it home and then bottle it afterwards. Also, for those already brewing its a great way to introduce family, friends and neighbors to the hobby.

This year we will be brewing an Irish Red ale, there are lots of possible modifications you could do to it once you get it home to alter it as well.

We will be brewing at Alley Kat on April 23,2017 starting at 8am and will be filling carboys roughly around 1:30.The price is $40 per carboy. If you would like to watch or help participate with the brewing process make sure you wear closed toe footwear and long sleeves.

We will be serving lunch and beer from Alley Kat at the event as well.

Very important, YOU CANNOT BRING ANY YEAST TO THE BREWERY, you must wait until you get home to pitch your yeast.

Please remember to bring clean and sanitized carboys to the brewery.

To get your carboys reserved you must send an email to , and further details will be emailed to you. If we do not meet a minimum then the event will not take place so please tell your friends.