What better way to kick off a weekend than with a deep vertical lineup of Deschutes’ Black Butte anniversary beers, XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII to be exact! And since Deschutes does Bigger Badder Blacker better than Chris Rock, we are throwing Scotch Barrel Abyss and Brandy Barrel Abyss on draft as well. In the bottle shop, look for a ridiculous amount of great vintage beers from our cellar! It’s a great way to fill in your collection, or start a new one! During this particular event, we will be featuring an assortment of well-kept vintage bottles from Deschutes. We also will be kicking off our Silent Auction of a complete vertical of The Abyss, from 2006-2016,including two variants. The auction will run April 14-20, with the winner being announced April 21. All proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity!