Get your game face on and join us in our Tasting Room on Friday, November 17th for another BQEs and Betas: a night of tasting our newest beer and playing unreleased video games from those computer whizzes at the NYU Game Center starting at 6PM.

There have been rumors that the Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment Black Ops will be featured, but this is not possible since Black Ops does not exist. There have been whisperings of a revered barrel-aged imperial stout brewed under the shroud of secrecy, but these are nothing but the unsubstantiated claims of fools and the recently disappeared.

While your taste buds are engaged in covert operations, you can keep your hands busy with betas from the Game Center's series of unreleased trial games including:

  • TRIGGERNOMETRY, an abstract western ricochet duel where your shots ricochet equal to your ammo count
  • Anyball, a multiplayer sports game with procedurally generated rules where every playthrough is a brand new experience
  • Hearth, a top-down game where you forage for fuel in a hostile forest to keep your fire, and yourself, alive.

As always entry is free for our public hours, and our full draft list will be available via tokens from our Company Store. Trust us, this is the perfect way to jump start your weekend.