Each class will cover a different topic, such as history of beer styles, how beer is made and beer's many ingredients.

We will study beer’s characteristics and components, what makes a good beer and even learn how to judge a beer. You’ll learn about beer packaging, glassware and home brewing. Lastly, we will look at some food and beer pairings and talk about cooking with beer.

Approximately a dozen 100ml beers will be sampled each class, so you’ll see and taste the difference between the different beer styles. The final class will be a “field trip” to one of Calgary’s breweries, where the “students” can see how beer is made first hand. Note: there will be NO final exam!

In addition to learning about the world’s most popular beverage in an educational, yet fun “classroom”, you will:

  • Receive your own tasting class

  • Be eligible to win some beer swag

  • Try some surprise beers

  • Get a free Brewer's Apprentice growler and 10% off your first fill

  • Be eligible to judge or steward at Calgary International Beerfest in May 2018, which includes free admission to the show. Details will be explained in class.