The Brewers Lectures is returning to Toronto this September. So join some of the industry's leading lights for an afternoon of education, entertainment and great beer (& snacks!) on September 5th, 2019.


Carlos de la Barra | Omnipollo

With a background in food science and over a decade of international winemaking, Carlos brings knowledge and passion for all things related to flavor, food and booze. Carlos thinks that by relying on the knowledge of manufacturers for their food and beverage, people’s choices around what they eat and drink are a political act. He joined the team at Omnipollo in August 2018 to help them change the perception of beer — forever.

Kevin Lane | Fermentis

Kevin Lane has been involved in all aspects of the Fermentis business in North America, working in the craft and industrial distilling markets, home and commercial wine and cider making, and most importantly in the home, craft and industrial brewing segments. He has been a judge at international beer competitions as well as a speaker at a wide variety of conferences.

Ren Navarro | Beer.Diversity.

Working as the face of breweries within her respective sales regions, With her extensive knowledge in craft beer, passionate drive, and hilarious wit, Ren Navarro is here to educate, enlighten, and make craft beer approachable for a more diverse audience. And as founder of Beer. Diversity. she’s addressing the lack of diversity in the Canadian craft beer industry and how we can all work together to improve it.

Garrett Oliver | Brooklyn Brewery

Garrett Oliver is the brewmaster of The Brooklyn Brewery, the author of “The Brewmaster’s Table” and Editor-in-Chief of “The Oxford Companion to Beer”. Over his 30-year career he has brought many innovations to craft brewing, including the world’s first brewing collaborations, beers based on cocktails, secondary fermentation on natural wine and cider lees, and a particular focus on beer’s culinary talents. Garrett has hosted more than 1,000 beer dinners and tastings in 17 countries. In 2014 he became the first brewer to win the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for “Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional”.

Brian Perkey | Lallemand

Brian Perkey is the North American sales manager for Lallemand Brewing. Supported by decades of long-standing industry experience, an extensive support network and strong technical expertise, Lallemand Brewing is positioned to help breweries achieve their growth and quality goals, offering an extensive range of products and services.

Lisa Pumphrey | Lickinghole Creek Brewery

Lisa Pumphrey, CEO and co-founder of Lickinghole Creek Brewery, the farm is home, and the brewery is on the farm, therefore, home is the brewery for Lisa, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her background in law and environmental studies come from years at University of Montana and University of Vermont, which make her an unstoppable force in the local and state level of brewery business development and legislation. 

Alice Tseng | Smart & Biggar

A powerhouse combination of lawyer, patent agent, pharmacist and life sciences star. Combining sought-after expertise as a lawyer, patent agent and registered pharmacist, Alice is a powerhouse in regulatory and marketing/advertising matters, earning acclaim as a “life sciences star” and a “true expert with years of experience” from her clients and peers.

Jim VanderGiessen | Pro Refrigeration

In 1990, Jim and his father started Pro Refrigeration, Inc, for the purpose of building chiller systems for cooling milk on dairy farms. Over the next 3 decades, Pro has grown to become a leading manufacturer of refrigeration equipment to several markets including the craft beverage industry. Pro Chiller Systems operates with approximately 80 team members from their headquarters near Seattle, WA, with a 65,000 SF Production Facility located near Winston Salem, NC.