Aeronaut Brewing's signature event presents live music on Sundays in the taproom. This week's BYOP features all things early music, curated by Seven Times Salt. Grab a pint of local beer and enjoy dance tunes, drinking songs, consorts and more, exactly where they belong--in the pub!

Schedule (details at
2:00 Ken Pierce Dance Company
2:30 Longy School of Music of Bard College - Early Music Department
3:00 Seven Times Salt
3:45 Emily O'Brien, Recorder
4:00 Seven Times Salt
4:45 Bill Good Instruments
5:00 Pazzi Lazzi Commedia dell'Arte
5:30 Lizzie and the Flakjackets
6:00 7 Hills Renaissance Wind Band
6:30 Cavalier Consort

Free; donations to the performers encouraged.
Beer and CDs for sale!

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