Forget all the hype about beer being bad for you and for sure turn away from the big brands that hold little to no benefits for your body. Join one of our craft beer taproom tours.

On July 21st or 22nd we'll take you on an in-depth tour of how beer and ciders are made; introduce you to the ingredients we pick from nature including the cannabis family hops used in craft beer and treat you to a special tasting of unique brews you won't find in any liquor store.

Tours range from inexpensive self-guided tastings to help you open up your taste buds, exploring more than Corona or Bud Light; to semi-private and private walkthroughs of the brewery where you can even spend an afternoon with the brewers drinking cold ones and making beer yourself.

Book a tour today as something to do on your next Saturday off or as a special gift to celebrate a special occasion. We offer non-alcoholic kombucha tours and traditional craft brewing tours.