Shades Brewing, formally Shades of Pale has been brewing in Salt Lake City for five plus years and Park City for the previous five years prior. With over a decade of brewing experience the Shades brew team has perfected their award winning recipes and even brought home a gold medal or two.

Shades Brewing is located d in the old Hi Grade Hotdog Factory. Because of this location, Shades Brewing is the trendiest brewery in Salt Lake City. You are literally drinking with our fermentation tanks. The location may like a set for a future Saw Movie, but don’t let the location fool you. Just enter threw the red door down the loading dock.

One of their best known brews is several Sour Beers. After securing a special Kveik Yeast from Lithuania they do monthly releases of wild sour beers like Pina Colada, Thai Tom Kha or Raspberry Bomb.
They offer tours through Groupon on the weekends. Tours do not include a free tasting but we'd be happy to pour some beers for our paying customers. The tours do include a free t shirt or pint glass though.

Business Meets Beer and Coffee is a FREE after-hours event that taps into Utah’s nightlife and energy. The fun meetup is held on the fourth Friday of every month in Salt Lake City and the second Friday of every month in Ogden. We choose a different bar or pub to make business connections have a weekend flair. Meet up at 5:30 PM and never at the same place twice in a row.

Join us each month to socialize with other business professionals at a local establishment.

Find all the events on Facebook or Meetup (BusinessMeetsBeerAndCoffee)

Contact George (801) 205-5132 or Jeff Evans (801) 680-4048 for more information.