Cadillac Muzik at The Southern Star Brewing Company

Come on out for a free show at The Southern Star Brewing Company from the one and only Cadillac Muzik!

Cadillac Muzik can easily be described as one of the brightest rays of independent Psychedelic/Funk/Alt-Hip Hop from the sunny southern hemisphere of Texas.
Beseja "CaddyMack" Moses and Scott Campbell aka "DaddyDvill" are cousins that started heavily getting involved with music as kids. It went from popping and sliding in talent shows, free-styling in circles, and banging on tables in school, to becoming actual recording artists & producers.

“We as Cadillac Muzik want to make the music we love and reach the world in a positive way through our artistry, giving the people powerful and authentic music that inspires them to embrace their originality and individuality. We want people to realize there is always a way out of their current negative circumstance, if they really dig deep into who they are, find themselves, and put back into the person right next to them. We believe that music is the source."