Eighty-Eight Brewing and Camp Brand Goods have teamed up to create the perfect adult summer camp beverage; a Sangria Sour! And alongside this tasty brew, they have a limited release of retro-inspired apparel straight from your favourite decade.

To launch this limited edition collab, they are throwing a little shindig on August 8th complete with prize packs and retro summer beats. Come on by to sip some ‘Summer Camp Crush’ and shop some rad merch.

The Beer: ‘Summer Camp Crush’ was inspired by all those memories of warm summer nights, carefree days, and of course, those budding romances. Eighty-Eight took a kettle sour base and fermented with red wine must (95% Tempranillo, 5% Pinot Noir) and added those delicious strawberries and raspberries for the perfect fruit finish. This brew, their first ever to be canned, is purple, tart and juicy!

Limited Edition Merch:

Vintage-inspired sweaters


Fanny Packs