The Sovereign is incredibly honored to once again host Cantillon's Zwanze Day in 2017. The privilege of pouring their Zwanze blend each year is bestowed upon fewer than 70 locations across the entire globe, and we couldn't be more excited to showcase this year's offering on September 23rd. We'll be opening the bar and restaurant at 11 AM and--along with the other participating bars--we'll be tapping the Zwanze keg at 3 PM sharp. This year's Zwanze blend is an homage to Jean Van Roy's youngest son, Sylvain, who will turn 18 come October. As Jean did for his older son, Florian, he is celebrating this milestone by dedicating a Zwanze beer to Sylvain. Based on Sylvain's love of iced tea, Jean decided finish two-year-old Lambic with Oolong, a semi-fermented blue-green tea sourced from the Nong Cha tea shop in the center of Brussels. The final blend is delicate and round, with notes of fruit and slight bitterness. And, since Sylvain is a huge fan of Game of the Thrones, the Zwanze 2017 graphics have been inspired by the show itself. Though we will not be officially pouring Zwanze 2017 until 3 PM--as we share in a worldwide toast with all of the other Zwanze Day breweries, bars and bottle shops--we will be preselling tickets for pours of Zwanze 2017 right when we open at 11 AM. Do try to get to The Sovereign as close to our opening time as possible; we anticipate huge crowds and want to be sure that the first to arrive get to taste Zwanze 2017. All those with Zwanze 2017 tickets will get to taste this delicious rarity once the keg is tapped at 3PM. Additionally, all other Cantillon drafts will be available for purchase right when we open at 11 AM for Zwanze Day. CANTILLON ZWANZE DAY 2017 DRAFT LIST: Zwanze 2017 (Tickets available at 11 AM; Zwanze 2017 tapping at 3pm) Cuvée St-Gilloise (Available at 11 AM) Gueuze 100% Lambic (Available at 11 AM) Nath (Available at 11 AM) Saint Lamvinus (Available at 11 AM) Vigneronne (Available at 11 AM)