One day, Claude realized two things: (1) all music didn't have to be made by acoustic instruments in real-time and (2) he liked singing -- and thus -- Vastland was born. Vastland has received praise and acclaim from noteworthy critics such as Claude's girlfriend and his mom.  If you're into strong voice leading and are keen on major and minor 6 chords, you'll love Vastland.

Claude Rosen (voice & keys), Kyle Wilson (keys), Jesse Bielenberg (bass), Sean Mullins (drums)


SHWILSON is the electro-psych alias of Kyle Wilson. He explores the versatility of Casio keyboards and synths inspired by the sounds of vintage horror movies and video games, evoking a playful, brooding and nostalgic sensibility. Key influences include: Big Trouble in Little China, Pilotwings and Videodrome.

Kyle Wilson (keys), Matt Marantz (EWI), Claude Rosen (keys), Zach Lane (bass), Adam Jackson (drums)