On December 31 be part of our last Haight-Ashbury Beer Crawl for 2017. This tour has everything a beer lover could want from an afternoon in San Francisco. Half tour, half celebration, there is a focus on craft beer education and bringing Haight-Ashbury to life as we enjoy many generous samples of unique locally made beer.  

We will visit at least three venerable San Francisco breweries and taprooms and provide you with generous samples at each location.  We bring each stop to life in a way you couldn't on your own by explaining the unique contribution each place is making to the craft beer scene as well as the inspiration behind each beer you consume.  As often as possible we use our connections to speak with important people in the industry and go behind the scenes for a tour of their microbreweries.

While we pass from one brewery to the next, your guide will briefly, but vividly, describe the iconic role of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in the hippie movement.  Imagine yourself at the Summer of Love as we visit important Haight St. monuments and bring the hippie scene to life.

As time passes and beer flows, friendships are made and informative sessions transition into a more festive atmosphere, but your guide will never stop educating those who want to hear more.  The tour concludes after about 3.5 hours.  By this point, you should be full of smiles and new knowledge, as well as enough beer that you can't drive home, but you could still walk home.  

In San Francisco there is always another great bar nearby, perhaps you will join some of your new drinking buddies for another pint, a bite to eat, and more beer conversation.  Whether or not you're able to stick around for that, your guide will be happy to help you find a way home or recommend other excellent activities in the area.