How are YOU planning on celebrating July 15th?

If this question is burning a hole in your heart, why not join the Barley’s Angels at The Aviary! Not only will you finally get a chance to find out what’s up with the Canary District, this bar has a sweet patio and a whole mess o’ hella good taps for your craft beering pleasure.

The 411:

  • The Aviary @ 6:00pm
  • 484 Front Street East
  • Directions: Catch the east bound 501 Queen streetcar, getting off at River St. Walk about 8 minutes south.

(Just a friendly reminder that Barley’s Angels events are for women only (ALL women!) until 9pm. The lads (any lads!) can join in after 9pm.)

See you there!


Coming soon, information about our very special plans for the August 15th event! There will be some special things planned, and we hope you can be there. Stay tuned!

Since it’s been awhile, below are a few FAQs about the BA’s:

Who are the Barley’s Angels?

We're Toronto Women who love Craft Beer, great conversation, and who take any excuse to spend a few hours at the pub with friends new and old.


Sure, you come out to events (and you’re AMAZING!), but are you an official member? Find out more by visiting the Barley’s Angels – Toronto Chapter webpage.