Explore the world of BEER with the Thirsty Writer, Joe Wiebe. Once each month, Joe shares insights into a different style of beer with us. Taste through 8 beers in a friendly, relaxed environment, with a maximum of 14 guests per class. All beer fans welcome!

August: Wheat, Rye, Oats, and Barley: Multigrain Beers

While barley is the primary brewing grain used in beer, brewers employ other grains in a certain style. Wheat is used in Belgian Wits and German Hefeweizens, oats are often used in stouts and hazy ales, and rye is a popular addition that gives a rich, spicy character to beer. Come down and join us on August 16th for this seminar which explores “multigrain” beer styles that employ alternative grains along with barley.

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