Come in from the cold!

Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous welcomes you to another event featuring the always unique and special cask conditioned beers from Alberta craft brewers.

February in Edmonton is typically frigid and miserable. We hope to bring some light and warmth to the month with a cask ale event designed around celebrating and embracing the cold winter season.

Each year at Freeze Your Cask Off! the participating breweries are challenged to create unique, one-off, and winter inspired cask ales. Each of the ten casks this year will have a winter component, but as with any cask ale event, we cannot say exactly what we're going to get from each brewery.

Participating Brewers:

- 4th Meridian Brewing Co.

- Alley Kat Brewing Co.

- Banded Peak Brewing

- Banff Ave Brewing Co.

- Bench Creek Brewing

- Brewsters Brewing Company

- The Dandy Brewing Company

- The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

- Wild Rose Brewery

- Wood Buffalo Brewing Company

Each brewery participating in Freeze Your Cask Off! was selected via lottery.  Brewery names were placed in a hat, and drawn one-at-a-time.  There were nine spots available, the tenth already having been selected since it was the 1st cask finished at the EBGA Real Ale Festival back in September. 

By selecting breweries by lottery, we've taken any bias out of the equation and (thankfully) have ended up with a nice mix of both new and established breweries from around the province.