Hey beer nerds. This one’s for you: Introducing the much anticipated third iteration of our Beer School program here at Endeavour Brewing: Beer 202 – The Beers of United Kingdom. For everyone who enjoyed our Beer 101 and Beer 201 classes and are thirsty for more, Beer 202 is sure to satisfy both your discerning taste buds and curious minds. Join head brewer Matthew Atkins and Certified Beer Server and Assistant Brewer Eric Cherrington on a journey through the history, ingredients, process, and culture that makes United Kingdom beers so unique in the brewing world.

Each ticket includes:

- A detailed seminar covering the finer points of how history ingredients, process, and culture have shaped the United Kingdom brewing tradition

- An in-depth, focused look on how United Kingdom brewing traditions manifest in the glass

- 7x 5oz samples of United Kingdom beer styles and guided tasting

Weren’t able to attend our prior Beer 101 seminar? Don’t worry about it. Attendance at Beer 101 is not required for participation in this course, and there will be a brief refresher on tasting beer at the beginning for everybody’s benefit. Class size is limited so do not hesitate.

Cheers! And remember: Endeavour to drink better beer!