Join us the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month at Anchor Public Taps for Beer Education with our brewers!


On September 12th join us for Fermentation Education with Anchor's Assistant Brewmaster Tom Riley who will host an educational and entertaining tasting, focused on fermentation in brewing! In an intimate group, attendees will learn extensively about fermentation; types of fermentation, yeast strains & beer styles, flavors & aromas from yeast, and fermentor design & impact. Plus, attendees will get to tour the brewery's open fermentation room and see the magic happen right in front of you! Anchor is the only US brewery who uses traditional open fermentation techniques on a commercial scale, which you'll get to see!


And, naturally, there will be some drinking involved, as Tom leads the group through a delicious, beer-fueled journey featuring Anchor's unique beers, both classic and new. All attendees will enjoy a welcome beer and generous pours of 4 brews during the tasting, including new and rare beers. Come Raise Your Anchor and join us for some educational drinking!