Join Flamenco Boston for an authentic, late night performance at AERONAUT! 

Come to the inaugural performance at AERONAUT as we present an authentic flamenco experience, filled with dynamic footwork, intricate guitar playing, and passionate singing, showcasing the wide emotional range that this art form has to offer! 

Doors open at 5PM - the late night festivities get going at 10:30PM! No cover, ever!

Dancers: Lauren O'Donnell, Anastasia Yendiki
Singer: Ana María Villa
Guitarist: Anthony Tiriti Tran

Flamenco is an eclectic art form originating from the cultural melting pot that was the south of Spain, blending together the influences of the Andalusians, Moors, Sephardic Jews, Indians, and Gypsies. Flamenco Boston is rooted in the traditions of flamenco yet employ modern harmonizations and executions of the iconic rhythms.