GIBF: Germany Italian Bier Feast

Check it out:

1st: The Slow Pour Pils(you know)

*Paired with*

Scagliozzi- Lightly fried polenta bites, topped with sautéed organic button shrooms and a homemade taleggio (look it up) cheese sauce, finished with a sprinkle of fresh parsley.

2nd: Red Giant (dubbel oenobeer)10%abv Type B: Extra Tannic Special: brewed with 40% Syrah grapes from Columbia Gorge in Washington and old world, noble hops. The raspberry notes typical of Syrah grapes dominate the organoleptic bouquet, while the strong tannic character makes it a perfect beverage to pair with tasty meat dishes.

*Paired with*

Ribeye Steak Dinner made by Bierstadt’s kitchen The Rackhouse: Coffee Crusted Ribeye w/ Armenian Cherry Reduction, Balsamic Roasted Rainbow Carrots, and Smoked Cheddar Potato Gratin.

3rd: Dunkel- “Dark” in German. Flavors of bread crusts and chocolate. Franconian classic- basically liquid bread. Our Taproom is the only place you can enjoy this glorious dark lager.

*Paired with*

Birramisu AKA Tiramistout- Liberati’s signature special tiramisu, with a twist. Infused with Bierstadt’s Dunkel, espresso, and a soft and fluffy homemade marscarpone cream. A plate that made them famous in Italy and continues to live on here in Denver.