• Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018
  • Location: 3rd Floor, 215 King St. E.
  • 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Tasting and lesson
  • 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm: Reception with cheese

Ciders run the full gamut of styles, from English and French classics to local Ontario craft iterations. Cider's increasing popularity is a reflection of the many dynamic and lively styles with balance and complexity.

Explore the many, many styles of cider in this special workshop with George Brown College experts Jordan Shuler and Spencer Smith. The class will explore the unique styles of cider created across the globe, including France, England, Canada and more. Learn more about the cider-making process and tasting techniques as you learn the differences between cider styles from around the world. Participants will be led on an expert tasting of ciders as you explore styles from both the new and old world in a plethora of styles. Explore the incredible diversity of this unique and exceptionally popular beverage.

After the workshop, there will be a short reception featuring a selection of cheeses and beverages.