What is Goatober? Goatober is a chance to show off one of the most flavorful, overlooked animals in our food system. Most Americans do not eat goat but we - along with many others around the world - want to show you that goat is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, we believe that it is something to be embraced. While male goats are believed to have no use to us since they cannot contribute to the dairy industry, many other countries believe otherwise and we'd like to show you why. Not only are goats the most sustainable animal in our food system, but they also add amazing flavor to any dish. Let us show you how great things could be if they were used properly and with a good conscience.

A six-course dinner by Executive Chef Matt Burger, paired masterfully with six beers brewed by our Award-Winning Head Brewer Jeff Kimpe. A worldwide event taking place in nine countries, we were one of only 5 restaurants in California chosen to participate, and the only restaurant in the East Bay to be a part of the experience! Do not miss out on this very rare opportunity!

Learn more at: https://goatober.com