"Even after all this time?"


We are excited to bring you Harry Potter movie trivia to Beercade! This round will feature 50 questions from all 8 Harry Potter films. Questions will range in difficulty from "What was Ron's pet rat's name" to "When Professor Slughorn was disguised as an armchair, he was staying in a muggle family home, where was that muggle family vacationing".

Tickets are 10.99 a person plus Eventbrite fees, $15 at the door (subject to availability, we usually sell out. Teams can be 1 to 6 people. If your group is more than 6, that's okay, you just need to separate and play as two teams! You likely can still sit together (or close). Over $400 in prizes are given out to the top teams and a few door prizes as well.

If you have any questions send us a direct message. Happy Studying!