We’re doing it again, but this time with a twist: Glow in the dark, improv games, and a beer to celebrate!

Walk Description: Let’s take Happy Hour to the streets! What better way to celebrate the height of the holidays than with a walk and a beer? We partnered with Strange Craft Brewery in the Sun Valley Neighborhood to create a unique, informative and super fun loop through 5 Denver neighborhoods. As we walk we will light up the night with all of our glow gear. We encourage you to bring any clothing with lights, glow materials, or anything else that would be fun. We will have glow sticks for folks that don’t have any or if you want extra. We will talk about the history as well as the changes in various neighborhoods and speak about multiple points of interest. We will also stop a couple times throughout the walk where Maria will guide us through some improv games as a group. We will end our walk back at Strange Craft Brewery where your first beer (or soft drink) is included with your ticket for the walk. We can all gather as a group, share a drink and celebrate our time together. There will also be a food truck available if you are hungry.

Why improv? ‘Cause its FUN! Improv encourages spontaneity, curiosity, creativity, joyfulness, and gets your brain firing! And that’s just for starters. Come learn how improv gets you in the moment, connects you others and with your environment, and improv(es) the way you walk in the world! Let’s PLAY! Bovine Metropolis Theatre has graciously offered a coupon for a FREE Intro to Improv class for all those who attend this walk. Woo hoo!