Hey football fans! We are opening up our Barrel Room(and our 80 inch flat screen) for a Super Bowl party! Bring your own comfy lawn chair and get ready to enjoy an all you can eat buffet of wings and nachos with your own personal bar.

We know what you're thinking, just football and food, WRONG!

We will have some awesome raffle prizes too (we are finalizing them so we'll update this page when we get those lined up)! Since every moment of the broadcast is cherished(the game, the commercials and the Jennifer Lopez and Shakira halftime show) you win by playing bingo that include moments in the game as well as commercials, halftime and anything else that might be going on.

We will also be providing some faux penalty flags to throw if you see something the refs didn't.

Tickets $25/person which includes all you can eat buffet and private bar!