Love craft beer but need to burn a few calories? Us too!

We'll enable you by kicking your butt (in a fun way) with a unique strength and conditioning keg workout lead by Fitness Trainer and Ghostfish Sales Rep, Aeron Jarvis, then celebrate with a cold pint of fresh beer!

Using the taproom and the surrounding urban terrain, you will lift, pull, squat and lunge using different keg sizes (ranging 14# to 32#). Light jogging or short bouts of high intensity exercise included to get your blood pumping! You will meet awesome people, enjoy some friendly competition and tasty beer and maybe even stay for delicious Ghostfish 'n Chips or soft pretzel with beer cheese! It's a blast!

Doors open at 10:15am; class begins at 10:30am; pints at 11:30am.

Must be 21 years or older

Non-alcoholic beverage options, like our hand crafted hop seltzer, are available for those who prefer not consuming alcohol.

Street parking available on 1st Ave South & in the bank spots (North side of brewery)

All levels welcome; modifications encouraged

What to bring: water bottle, yoga mat, and your sense of adventure!

What to wear: athletic attire and breathable layers of clothing since we will be venturing outside; beer enthusiast clothing encouraged (come decked-out in your beer hats, shirts, socks... :)

Contact the organizer with questions:

Liability waiver to be reviewed and signed (day of the event)

About Aeron Jarvis:

Aeron enjoys great tasting craft beer just about anywhere and with anyone. Similar to coffee, beer has history and rituals, it brings people together, delights senses, and pairs wonderfully with food! It crosses borders and spans cultures. It’s a craft, which means there is no limit to what you can do with grains, hops, and yeast to create complex flavors, an array of beautiful colors, and various mouth feels. And like coffee, both grains and hops go on a big journey before entering your pint glass. Think of all of the people involved in the final beer we drink; in the beer, we get to drink after our hard-core workout! 

From the moment Aeron took a sip of Ghostfish’s Grapefruit IPA, she was convinced Ghostfish was special. She was intrigued about a brewery that made good gluten-free beer. After tasting Kick Step IPA, Ghost Pepper Saison, Peak Buster DIPA and Vanishing Point Pale Ale, she was ‘hooked.’ She then tried the burger and fish 'n chips in the taproom... all gluten free, all so delicious...truth be told, she fell in love!

Aeron stopped consuming gluten about 8 years ago to see if it would improve her mental clarity, and was impressed by the results. Her energy, gut health, and overall sense of well-being improved. Ghostfish is my #1 favorite craft beer because I can enjoy great tasting beer in a variety of styles without the gluten. 

Over the years, Aeron has worked in the coffee industry (10+ years), the fitness industry (past 12 years), and recently in the craft beer industry (3+ years). Since March 2019, she has been sharing her passion for craft beer and specifically Ghostfish beer, while getting involved and making a difference in so many communities ---as the Events Coordinator for Ghostfish Brewing. 

Being a craft beer enthusiast, fitness professional, adventure-seeker, fun-maker, and advocate for people and communities, she could not resist the temptation to blend her passions together in a meaningful way - join Aeron at the Ghostfish taproom for Keg with Legs + A Pint - a unique and fun keg-workout and a pint of Ghostfish beer that will knock your socks off!