Over the past three popups we have grown a bit older, become a bit wiser (though the latter is debatable) and are utterly chomping at the bit to bring you our first dinner of the summer! With the warmer weather in this city comes an unquenchable thirst for the suds, so we have re united with our bestest buddy, Tristan Braddock of Dog & Pony Brew Lab and all around beverage madman, to pair some delicious beers with the food thou are about to receive.

As always, there will be five courses inspired by the cuisine of Italy, including: an antipasto, 2 pasta courses (one hand shaped and the other a hand rolled stuffed pasta), a contorno and a dolce.

*Please note: all courses contain a dairy element

**VERY IMPORTANT: Please notify us of any allergies and the severity (ex. contact, ingestion only, intolerance) PRIOR to purchasing the ticket. Please contact us at: buegrassopasta@gmail.com, subject line POPUP ALLERGY. Gluten allergies cannot be accomodated. Tickets are non refundable**