Start the first weekend of 2018 off right with the latest release of our lager series, the Doppelbock.

Doopelbock is a stronger or ‘double’ version of the bock style, doppelbocks are strong, malty lagers with deep russet hues and crimson highlights. Munich malts rich in melanoidins lend the beer rich, toasted bread flavors.

This doppelbock is the ideal beer to warm you during the cold winter months. So come grab a stein and pull up a seat at our new fire pit and be one of the first to try this new, complex lager.

Bourinquen Lunch Box will be serving their homemade Peurto Rican food starting at 5:30 and Taylor Carson will be providing the jams starting at 7.

We will also be giving a public tour at 6:30- spots are limited so be sure to sign up early here!