Born & raised in Newfoundland, seasoned in Halifax, Steven Bowers has recently relocated to Edmonton, AB. In 2009, he set out to explore the country with fellow songwriter Christina Martin, playing a 50 stop tour from coast to coast in support of his EP, Circadian Anthem, produced by Dale Murray (The Guthries, Cuff the Duke). Beothuk Words was subsequenlty recorded in Nova Scotia in the Spring of 2011 with Murray producing. Bowers again set out to tour Canada in June of 2012, this time for a series of solo performances, including an official NxNE showcase in Toronto. Regarding Beothuk Words: "I stumbled on an article about the Beothuk, who were native inhabitants of Newfoundland. They became extinct as a people in 1829, and subsequently much of their language was lost. The title of the record speaks to the lyrical themes of impermanence, seasonal cycles & generations."