Over the last few years, Chicago and the outlying areas have grown by leaps and bounds in the craft beer market. The quality of local beer now rivals any other region in the country. 3 Floyd’s leads the charge with its highly sought after, heavy hitting beers like Zombie Dust and Alpha King. Lagunitas has transplanted their West Coast style into the city with their new brewery and are appreciated for their extremely hoppy, affordable beers like Hop Stoopid and Maximus IPA. Off Color has only been brewing for a decade but are bringing exciting styles back into the market such as Gose and Farmhouse Ale. Two Brother’s is one of the oldest breweries at a ripe 20 years and displays remarkable consistency. War Pigs is a collaboration between 3 Floyds and traveling beer maniac Mikkeler; they’ve already produced new styles like their New England IPA, Foggy Geezer. Come out and support our great local breweries!