Have you ever wanted to participate in a professional brew? Maybe tweak that brew to your own particular tastes? Maybe enter that brew in a contest with the chance of winning an amazing prize? Be the Lord of the Wort? Of course you have.

New Level Brewing is teaming up with Calgary Yeast Wrangler's for the ultimate home brew competition. Here's the deal: on Saturday January 25th, New Level will be brewing a batch of Haze Lord and we will siphon off a portion of the wort for ticket holders. Participants can take that wort home to ferment themselves and to condition in any way that they see fit. Don't like Hazy beers? Make it as clear as you'd like. Want to add coconut? Do a quadruple dry hop? Turn it into a Kviek? Go nuts. Use our Haze Lord wort to make the best beer that you possibly can. 

Here's the competitive part: after you take your wort home and turn it into the most delicious beer possible, New Level and the Yeast Wranger's will have a little contest to pick some winners (Date TBD). And the Grand Prize: the New Level Staff favourite will be selected as a small scale commercial brew. That's right: your home brew could wind up being in a can, bringing you internet fame and endless bragging rights. 

Some important points:

  • Ticket holders are entitled to 20 Litres of wort; if you wish to purchase additional wort you're welcome to do so on the day of the brew
  • If the competition part just doesn't sound like your thing, you're more than welcome to just take some wort home and keep it to yourself
  • This is a bring your own carboy event. If you're in need of a carboy we recommend shopping at The Vineyard or Grapes to Glass
  • The grain bill and specs for the Haze Lord Wort will be sent to ticket holders in the beginning of January
  • There will be an intro to home brewing for all who might be interested
  • In the afternoon, there will be an informal round table on secondary conditioning techniques