The Mega Race is a one day Amazing Race style adventure culinary scavenger hunt extravaganza race filled with puzzles, secret businesses, checkpoints, tasks, wine, beer & lots more with over 30 local businesses around calgary participating!

There will be over $2,000 of prizes all from local businesses around Calgary!

This is a basic schedule of the day:

11am - 12pm Registration

12pm - 2pm STAGE 1

2pm - 2:30pm Break

2:30pm - 4:30pm. STAGE 2

4:30pm - 5pm Break

5pm - 7pm STAGE 3

7pm - 7:30pm Awards Handed Out



NEW this race, we will have 2 race categories

  1. Competitive - more businesses, no business order, harder puzzles, ranking, lots of $ value per prize & prizes for top finishers per stage, penalty for arriving late to the checkpoint or finish, etc.
  2. Recreational - easier puzzles, businesses in order, fun tasks, no ranking, specific prizes for best team name, social media stories, costume & more, no penalty for arriving at a checkpoint late etc.


The day will start with a brief meeting with coffee where you will be given a Passport Guide Book filled with puzzles. You will then solve the puzzles to reveal participating businesses. For competitive, it’s up to you to map your own route to get to them all as fast as you can to beat the other teams. For recreational, you will be given an order for the best route to take. Every business will have a special task for you to complete and will stamp your Passport Guide Book upon completion. There will be 3 stages in total and a checkpoint at the end of stage 1 with a break to go get lunch & a very short break after stage 2. If you fail horribly on one stage, you still have a chance to recover and win the next one as everybody resets and starts stage 2 & 3 with a new Passport Guide Book.


There will be additional prizes for special categories such as Best Costume, Best Team Name, Best Social Media Content and so on as well as specific prizes for recreational. So be sure to come dressed up!


There will also be an award for the most items of food brought to the starting location in support of the Calgary Food Bank so be sure to bring as many non-perishable food items as you can! The prizes will be awarded at the finisher party where The Mega Bowl will be handed out.


Every team is allowed driver (but be sure drink responsibly if the task involves alcohol). The driver doesn’t have to complete the task. Minors and children can participate. The only food that will be provided are samples from some (hopefully most) of the businesses.


We are local Calgarians who love to support amazing local businesses! As that is one of our main goals keep in mind the businesses are donating their time (and samples!) so be sure to have a good look around while you’re there and plan to go back!


Update emails will be sent to registered participants

Tickets are based per person, so buy one for each member that is running in the race and then send an email to with full team list and name. No refunds 2 weeks before event (within reason). A minimum of 2 racers and a maximum of 5 per team.


Space is limited so be sure to sign up today!


Be sure to follow us on Instagram @themegarace