We are Back at it! And this time partnering with our friends from at Muskoka Brewing Co to bring you our first Patio Edition Brewmaster's Dinner!! (weather permitting of course)

So join us for an evening of great food and equally great beer. With a menu inspired by our Executive Chef, Cass David. This Menu will be inspired by the great outdoors and the pure joys of Summer. We will also be welcoming everyone with a delicious Beer Cocktail made with Muskoka's very own Gin, the Legendary Oddity!

As usual, we will have a four-course dinner menu paired with Muskoka's best brews! Each course is designed to cut or complement the brew and the fine folks from Muskoka will be present to talk you through their beers and tell the history of how their beers came to be!

Menu Below:

Welcome Drink

The Legendary Oddity!
Smoked pineapple puree, aromatic bitters, Muskoka’s Legendary Oddity Gin, black salt

First Course

Smoked pork belly hash, Beking’s Farm egg, cast iron skillet cornbread

Detour ISA
Balancing a sweet, fruity aroma with slightly bitter flavours from the hops, this session beer packs big juicy flavours with a slightly dry finish. Look for tastes of peaches, pineapples and mangos amid the hoppy flavour.

Second Course

Spicy peanuts, kale, chickpea stew

Ebb & Flow Session Sour
Bursting with tart grapefruit, lime and juicy tropical fruit from the fragrant citra and mosaic hops. This beer is refreshing and tart with notes of fresh citrus, balanced with a light wheat character.

Third Course

Double baked potato skins, grilled corn on the cob, seafood and summer vegetable kebab

Summerweiss Tropical Wheat
A refreshing light wheat flavour followed by big hits of tropical mango and passionfruit. 

Fourth Course

graham cracker fried ice cream/chocolate bark/meringue

Cream Ale

Caramel and toffee notes are provided by the malt backbone in this smooth ale. Cascade hops add just a touch of bitterness to counter-balance the malt sweetness, creating a perfectly balanced flavorful ale.