As food trends continue to go back to the land, highlighting the importance of raw ingredients and local producers, artisanal cheeses made in the USA are beginning to gain worldwide recognition. From goats, to sheep, to cows, there is no shortage of high quality American artisanal cheese that can rival any French or Italian counterpart. At Eataly Boston, our cheesemongers take pride in sourcing the highest quality, most unique, and best tasting cheeses that New England and the rest of the country has to offer. This tasting experience will introduce guests to some of Eataly’s favorite American artisanal cheeses. In this guided cheese tasting, guests will:

  • Learn about cheese production in the United States
  • Taste 4 different American artisanal cheeses
  • Discuss the samples with an Eataly cheesemonger
  • Enjoy paired beverages with cheeses
  • Take home tasting notes