Celebrating the Women of Craft Beer, Celebrating the Craft Beer of Women

The Tri-Cities Cask Festival Association is proud to announce The Siris Cask Festival, a Craft Cask event featuring 25+ beers brewed exclusively by women.

The goal of the festival is to provide a venue to showcase the amazing skill of our female brewers, reaching back to a time when the important duty of brewing beer was exclusively the role of women in society. Siris was the original goddess of beer in pre-Sumerian mythology.

The other goal for the festival is to provide a bursary for Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Brewing Studies program. The bursary will be available to female students, with the intention of helping achieve gender parity in the brewing industry.

Siris is helmed by three Associate Directors: Claire Wilson, Brewmaster of Dogwood Brewing, Ashley Brooks, Brewmaster of Big Ridge, and Julia Hanlon, Brewmaster of Steamworks. In addition to addressing the festival, all of them will be supplying casks. MC for the event is Nancy More, the first female Brewmaster in North America and instructor at KPU.

From Julia Hanlon: “. . . this small club . . . needs more members, so that in the future nobody will feel compelled to ask the question about what it means to be a “female” brewer. The Siris Cask Festival and bursary is one step towards this and I am very honoured and proud to be part of this event to help more female brewers join this amazing community!”

In keeping with spirit of the festival, the first hour will be open only to women. After that hour, the ticketed public will be allowed in.

Some quick answers to your questions:

When, Where, How: April 22nd 2017, at the Cat and Fiddle Pub, 11 am to 5 pm (1st hour open only to women).

Who are the brewers?
There are only three craft breweries in BC that have women designated as head brewers, but there are dozens of women working at every craft brewery. We approached almost all of BC’s craft brewers to have their female staff produce casks for Siris. The response was immediate and enthusiastic.

Breweries that didn’t have a woman as an active member of their fermentation staff almost all had women working for them with brewing skills—either attending brewing school or as home brewers, or from working with other breweries in the past—who stepped in and brewed, again with enthusiasm.

For breweries without the benefit of female brewers in-house, we were able to connect them with female brewers from inside the industry: cicerones, inside staff, account managers, and others who had the skill and love of brewing. In the end, it all came together.

For an updated list of all the breweries and a short bio of each brewer, please visit www.tricitiescaskfestival.com/siris-brewers.php