20+ beers from The Bruery, Crooked Stave & Blackberry Farm, include a rare keg of The Bruery PB & Thursday. 

This April, The Sovereign welcomes the Craft Brewers’ Conference by hosting some of our favorite breweries. Don’t miss this four-night engagement showcasing some of the absolute best American producers of Belgian-inspired ales.

The series kicks off on Monday, April 10th with our good friends from Blackberry Farm
(Tennessee), Crooked Stave (Colorado) and The Bruery / Bruery Terreux (California). On this night we’ll feature no less than 23 beers from this exceptional trio of breweries!

Highlights include incredibly rare kegs of Crooked Nightmare on Brett: Sour Cherry, Blackberry Farm Brett Fruit Blend and The Bruery PB & Thursday.

The Sovereign will open early at 4 PM on this day. There is no admission feefor this event. All featured beers will be priced individually by the glass and in 4 oz. tasting pours.

The Official Sovereign CBC Showcase: Craft Beer All-Stars Vol. 1 List
Blackberry Farm Fenceline (Hoppy Saison)
Blackberry Farm Classic Saison (Saison)
Blackberry Farm Abbey Blonde (Blond Ale)
Blackberry Farm Abbey Quad (Quadrupel; Bottle Pour)
Blackberry Farm Sorghum (Saison w/ Sorghum; Bottle Pour)
Blackberry Farm Brett Fruit Blend (Red Wine BA Saison w/ Blackberries; Bottle Pour)
Blackberry Farm Buckwheat Strawberry (Saison w/ Strawberries; Bottle Pour)
Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett: Sour Cherry (Oak BA Sour Brown Ale w/ Cherries)
Crooked Stave Nordic Blueberry (Sour Red Ale w/ Heather, Yarrow & Blueberries)
Crooked Stave Ampersand: Vol. 3 – Ch. 2 (Rye Whiskey BA Sour Brown Ale)
Crooked Stave Vieille Reserva: Prunus Armeniaca (Oak BA Saison w/ Apricots)
Crooked Stave Surette Reserva: Sour Cherry (Oak BA Saison w/ Cherries)
Crooked Stave Batch #200 (Oak BA Saison w/ Raspberries)
Crooked Stave Origins Batch #0006 (Oak BA Sour Brown Ale)
Crooked Stave Petite Sour: Rosé 2016 (Oak BA Sour Red Ale w/ Fruit Skins)
The Bruery PB & Thursday (Bourbon BA Imperial Stout w/ Peanut Butter)
The Bruery Melange #3 (Bourbon BA Strong Ale)
The Bruery Rice & Beans (Blonde Ale w/ Rice, Vanilla, Cinnamon & Coffee)
The Bruery Mash & French Toast (Bourbon BA Barleywine w/ French Toast Spices)
The Bruery Mischief (Dry-Hopped Strong Blond Ale)
Bruery Terreux Frucht: Passion Fruit (Foeder-Aged Berliner Weisse w/ Passionfruit)
Bruery Terreux Tart of Darkness (Oak BA Sour Stout)
Bruery Terreux Humulus Rueuze (Dry-Hopped Oak BA Sour Blond Ale)