Enjoy these 3 new beers fresh from the tapped keg:

The Last Jed-IPA
Modern IPA
Breathe. Just breathe. Now, reach out. What do you see?  As always, we see beer!  We took a clean American-style IPA malt base, and blasted it with hops from around the galaxy, like Nugget, Chinook, Centennial, Mosaic, Citra, and Denali.  Will there be another Jedi IPA pun-themed beer in the future?  Who knows, we have to wait for the next title to come out.  What we do know is that this beer possesses just the right amount of bitterness, and some amazingly complex spicy notes, with a cornucopia of citrus and tropical fruit flavors that would satisfy even the most critical fanboy or fangirl.
Stay On Target
Southern English Brown Ale
If Gold 5 tells you this, you might get shot down by Darth Vader, but when we say it, rest assured, we’re just talking about one of our latest beers that celebrates the space opera that has guided our lives.  A nod both to the tradition southern England style brown ale (a certain movie studio is also in southern England), as well as the Target hop.  Malty sweetness gives way to a slight peppery spicy character with just a touch of citrus.  So whether you are descending on the Death Star, or sitting on your catch watching A New Hope for the 1000th time, grab a pint of Stay on Target, and, stay, er, never mind, we won’t say it.
Kyber Kristallweizen
Pale Kristall Weizenbock
Well, since we could not make a lightsaber after discovering kyber crystals were not real, we did the next best thing, named a beer after it!  Much like the heart of a star where this mythic crystal comes from, we harnessed the power malted wheat and created an elegant bright pale weizenbock for a more civilized age.  Clean cotton candy like sweetness from the malt, and lots of fruity and spicy character from the yeast. These beers are filtered or fined in order to clean up flavors, and in the bock version, it has a welcomed warming alcohol quality that balances it out.  Sure Samuel L. Jackson got a purple blade, but ours is gold and won’t block lasers…at least we don’t think so?