'Do or Do Not. There is no try' - Yoda

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU as we celebrate Star Wars with a brunch edition of trivia at The Buckingham! Your team will answer 50 questions on the Original Star Wars Trilogy to win some amazing prizes! 

How It Works: Teams of 1-6 people will work together to answer 50 questions on the original star wars trilogy with questions ranging in difficulty from 'What is the name of Lukes uncle?' to ' What world’s surrounding system contained an area of space the Rebels called Sector 47?' The top 3 teams will be walking away with hundreds of dollars in Star Wars prizing and gift cards.


Tickets: Tickets are $10.99 + Taxes and Eventbrite fees per person in advance, or $15 at the door (if available). 

As always, we will send out registration forms to all ticket buyers 10 days before the Trivia Event. Please register your teams to secure your team name, and reserve your table. Registration closes 24 hours before the event, but all ticket holders will have a space. 

No Notes or Electronics may be used during trivia. 

NOTE: We're looking at the original trilogy, of which there are several versions. The 2011 Blueray version is what we will be using to create the questions as it is essentially the newest version of the films. We'll aim to avoid questions that are contradicted by any other versions of the film.
We will not be jumping into extended universe/books/etc - if its not mentioned or shown in the film, it won't be a part of trivia.