White Labs pre-Craft Brewers Conference Yeast Handling for Brewers workshop offers an in-depth look on how to best harvest and store yeast for optimal performance. This course will explore topics such as preparing yeast for pitching, what to expect when repitching, techniques for reliable brewery propagation and troubleshooting fermentation issues related to poor yeast-handling practices.

From start-up size to a nano- or regional-brewery and beyond, the skills and information discussed in this workshop will teach you techniques to get the most out of your yeast cultures. The information presented may be used for how to find consistent products as well as taking advantage of long-term cost savings related to clean fermentations and repitching yeast.

Thanks to our highly trained and technical staff, this course will be taught by White Labs VP of Operations Neva Parker, Head of Research and Development Troels Prahl, Laboratory Operations Manager Kara Taylor and Senior Research Scientist Karen Fortmann. The combined expertise and technical know-how make this group of educators ideal for leading a discussion on the topic of proper yeast handling for brewers.