ric Goulden, the man everyone knows as Wreckless Eric, is a rare example of an older and established artist who hasn’t lapsed into comfortable formulas. His latest album 'Transience' has been universally acclaimed alongside 2016's ‘amERICa' and 2018's ‘Construction Time & Demolition' as his best work.


For live performances, Eric draws on material from all stages of his forty something year career — he may even play a tune or two from his early days on the Stiff record label including, of course, "Whole Wide World", though this certainly won’t be a leisurely stroll through the glory days of nostalgia. Using his huge-sounding acoustic guitar, electric piano, and electric guitar through a series of homemade fuzz boxes and electronic devices, he takes audiences on an emotionally

and sonically challenging voyage in and out of dissonance,soundscapes, and great moments of pop.


The achievement for Wreckless Eric is to have made new music that connects to old music without maudlin nostalgia or huffy defensiveness, refusing to let age dim the passion for the

music that means the most to him.


In other words, he rocks.