Brewers make wort. Yeast make beer. This class and accompanying tasting will delve deeply into the world of everyone’s favorite microorganism. The lecture will cover a history and usage of yeast (as it pertains to brewing and home brewers). We'll also cover a number of other topics: 

  • Yeast Nutrition, growth and chemical pathways that effect home brewers.
  • How to choose and maintain a happy culture in your home brew and how strain selection impacts beer flavor.
  • Pitching rates, Propagation, starters, collection (top and bottom cropping) storage.
  • We’ll discuss the changes in cultures over generations and how home brewers rinse & clean yeast to repitch.

During the second half of the class we’ll conduct a tasting experiment to identify flavor differences between strains under ideal fermentation conditions. Bitter & Esters took a large batch of beer and separated it into eight fermenters. We then pitched a different type into each fermenter.

The class will be broken into two sections, Lecture & Tasting. Tickets can be purchased for either lecture + Tasting or only for the tasting session. Each ticket type can optionally include a copy of “Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation” (our unofficial textbook) at a discounted price.