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Hawaii Craft Breweries List

There are currently 13 breweries listed in Hawaii.

Recently-Added Hawaii Craft Beers

Did you know there are over 117 different craft beers in Hawaii?

Recently-Added Hawaii Craft Beers

Kona Brewing Company

Kona Light Blonde Ale

American Blonde Ale
Big Island Brewhaus

Odin's Sword

Baltic Porter
Maui Brewing Co.

Imperial Coconut Porter

Limited Release American Porter
Ola Brew

Da Hazy Light

American IPA
Kona Brewing Company

Island Colada Cream Ale

Limited Release Cream Ale
Kona Brewing Company

Kua Bay IPA

Seasonal American IPA
Beer Lab HI

Koolauloa IPA

American IPA
Beer Lab HI

Ollie IPA

American IPA
Beer Lab HI

Nimbus IPA

American IPA
Lanikai Brewing Company

Rubbah Slippah

American Wild / Sour Ale
Maui Brewing Co.

Valley Isle ESB

English Bitter
Kona Brewing Company

Hanalei Island IPA

American IPA
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Breweries, Pubs & Restaurants JustBeer

Overview of Craft Breweries in Hawaii

While Hawaii is not known as a Craft Brewery State, there are definitely some hidden gems on the Islands.

Guides JustBeer

Hawaii Beer Guide – Find the Best HI Breweries

The Hawaii Beer Guide is your resource for a list of all HI breweries and beers. Find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Hawaii, USA.

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Hawaii Beer Guide – Find the Best HI Breweries

The Hawaii Beer Guide is your resource for a list of all HI breweries and beers. Find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Hawaii, USA.

Whether you’re looking to check out some craft breweries in the Hawaiian Islands or you’re looking for a specific HI beer, the Hawaii Beer Directory will help you find the nearest brewery in Hawai’i serving your favourite beer styles on tap and where to buy craft beer in Hawaii.


Find the Best Breweries in Hawaii, USA – Tap into the Hawai’ian Islands Craft Beer Scene:

The Hawaii Beer Directory was created for beer lovers by beer Lovers. The goal of this guide is to help beer drinkers find the best craft beers and craft breweries in Hawaii.

Whether you’re just visiting Hawaii or you’re a local – this beer guide is here to help you discover new beers and where to buy craft beer in Hawaii.

Using the Hawaii Beer Directory, You Can Find:
  • A Map/List of Hawaii Craft Breweries
  • Local Pubs, Taprooms, Restaurants Serving Craft Beer in HI
  • Where to find craft beer on tap in Hawai’i, USA
  • Where to buy craft beer in Hawaii


Find Craft Beer in Hawaii – How to Use the HI Beer Guide


Hawaii Brewery List

Using the HI Craft Beer Guide to find local beers is easy. Visit the Beer Guides page on JustBeer, then select “Hawaii” to view a list of Hawaii craft breweries or the Hawaii craft brewery map.


Hawaii Craft Brewery Map

Want to make your own personalized Hawaii brewery tour? Well, let us be your travel guide! Use the HI Beer Guide to see a map of breweries in Hawaii and create your own beer tasting and brewery tour!


About the Hawaiian islands Beer – Facts About the Hawaii Beer Industry

Hawaii has a huge craft beer scene with over 20 craft breweries operating in the state.

  • According to the Brewers Association, Hawaii produces 79,309 barrels of craft beer per year. (Hawaiians love to #DrinkLocal!)
  • Hawaii ranks 48th for the highest number of breweries in the United States per state.

If you’re looking for a craft brewery in Hawaii, the JustBeer HI Brewery Guide is the #1 resource for finding the best Hawaii craft beer.